The World Senior Tourism Congress is the most important international event for senior tourism, according to the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization.

The aim of WSTC is to promote senior tourism worldwide by developing responsible and innovative products that allow people to travel at each stage of their lives.

This annual congress on senior tourism brings together all public and private sector stakeholders, associations and tourism firms, Universities of the Third Age as well as senior domestic and international travelers.

The WSTC is a great opportunity to learn more about the specifities and the latest trends in senior tourism.

Senior tourism is one of the most important growing tourism markets. For instance, in France, as the first tourist destination in the world, senior tourists account for more than 30% of all tourist trips. Departure rate for senior travelers up to 71 years is 75%, and for those up to 89 years it is 50%. The trips they enjoy are 40% longer than those taken by tourists aged between 25-60 years old.

Congress activities include conferences, seminars, case studies, an awards ceremony, launch ceremonies, parties, study tour visits, exhibitions, a festival.

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