The growing market of senior tourism

The United Nations reports say the share of the seniors will continue to grow worldwide. This trend creates a great opportunity to develop a high quality silver economy with unique products and services for the seniors.

Senior tourism is one of the best and most important ways to improve the quality of life of the seniors. We live in a time of unseen before exponential growth in senior tourism.

Senior tourism is growing fast, but the tourism industry does not always meet the specific requirements of the senior tourists. The World Senior Tourism Congress aims to boost the improvement of senior tourism by getting together all stakeholders in this domain Рpublic institutions and policy-makers, entrepreneurs and businesses, and seniors themselves. WSTC is a place for establishing contacts, making proposals, offering deals, presenting new services ans destinations for the seniors.

Key figures on population ageing

The current population ageing is a demographic phenomenon without precedent in the history of humankind. The aged population is currently at its highest level in human history and will continue to grow at an accelerated pace in the coming decades. This phenomenon, due to declining fertility rates and increasing life expectancy is particularly widespread in the developed countries and in China. It has far reaching consequences which are reshaping the tourism industry as we know it.

12 % of the world population will be over 65 by 2030.

1 billion people in the world will be over 65 by 2030.

The life expectancy to be reached by 2030 is 72 years old.