Senior study tours – is this the future of senior tourism?

Senior tourism is not just about age-friendly environment and facilities. The emerging market of senior tourism creates a new, unique niche in the sector – senior study tours.

Study tour is a travel experience without analogue that combines learning with travelling. Senior study tours are the quintessential example of how to connect tourism and learning. Seniors like to know more, to learn, and what’s more important – to learn by doing.

For example, take David. He is a retired Australian engineer, and instead of sitting lonely at front of the TV screen, he wants to live a meaningful and inspiring life. So he makes a journey to China and digs deep into Chinese culture and traditional lifestyle. At Tianma Vellas International U3A he learns Chinese calligraphy. In Vellas house he learns how to play wei chi.

Then David goes to Zhaoyuan – the Golden city – and learns how to extract gold from a river. Study tours allow David to learn by doing, to be active, and to develop his cognitive and motor skills.

The story of David is not unusual one – millions of seniors each year travel with the wish not just to see, but to study, to learn something new, to gain new authentic experience. For them senior study tours are the best thing that could happen. But whether the business is ready to response to this wish?