Announcing WSTC 2019 on AIUTA TV

On this episode of AIUTA TV (the online talk show of the International Association of the Universities of the Third Age) Prof. Francois Vellas shared his satisfaction with the extremely successful first WSTC in Yantai, and shaped the perspectives of the forthcoming WSTC 2019, and explained the importance of developing specific tourism products for the seniors. He stressed on the uniqueness of WSTC as the only event which gathers together the representatives of all stakeholders in senior tourism: the tourism sector, the public institutions, and the seniors themselves, represented by AIUTA.

Georgi Stankov presented the new, which alongside with the old site will attract the world audience attention to the trends, case studies, events and opportunities of senior tourism.  He was joined by Olga Subanova from the Russian federation, and Chenxu Wang from China, who gave their positive feedback on the new WSTC website and made suggestions about its future development and content.

The episode ended with the expression of optimism that WSTC 2019 will be even more successful than WSTC 2018 and will respond to the high expectations of its participants.