UNITRA Guinea will participate in WSTC 2019

UNITRA, the leading adult education organization of Guinea, will take part in the WSTC 2019 in Yantai.






This became clear during the visit of WSTC Director Prof. Francois Vellas in Guinea. Prof. Vellas and AIUTA Governing Board member Sidi Camara from UNITRA – Senegal represented AIUTA at this event.

On January 30th 2019, Thursday, more than one thousand seniors from all Guinea regions came to the Palais du Peuple in Conakry to participate to the UNITRA GUINEA official inauguration by the Minister of Education of the Republic of Guinea and the President of UNITRA Guinea with participation of AIUTA President, UNITRA Senegal president and UNITRA Mali president.

UNITRA Guinea President Madame Nayé N’Diaye Dayo did a presentation on University of Third Age in Guinea and thanked AIUTA for its support and cooperation. Wonderful live show was provided to the international delegates and participants with singers and dancers from Western, Eastern and Central Forest Guinea.