WSTC work meeting in Costa Brava

The European team of WSTC started preparation for the Third World Senior Tourism Congress.

On 22th-24th of July Prof. Fran├žois Vellas hosted a work meeting with Ambassador Jean Jacques Beaussou, Prof. Pilar Valencia, Romain Vellas, Olga Subanova and Georgi Stankov.

The topic of the meeting was the development of a marketing plan for the 3rd WSTC. This includes 10 special live broadcasts of AIUTA TV from different locations around the globe, at least 10 workshops and presentations about WSTC on several continents, one AIUTA conference in Canada, and participation in four biggest international tourism fairs – Paris, Madrid, London and Berlin.

Olga Subanova and Romain Vellas
Jean Jacques Beaussou, Pilar Valencia and Georgi Stankov