WSTC presented at the ANAP congress in Calabria

On Friday, 20th September 2019, on invitation by the President of ANAP Giampaulo Palazzi and Fabio Menicacci, ANAP General Delegate, Prof. François Vellas came to ANAP annual congress and events with more than 900 senior participants coming from all Italian regions in Sibari beach, Calabria, Italy.

ANAP, the Italian national seniors organisation, has more than 240 000 members and will develop in the next future its own U3A in cooperation with AIUTA. Prof François Vellas had a meeting with Mr. Giampaolo Palazzi, Mr. Fabio Menicacci and Ms Bernadetta Cannas to discuss the new development for Life Long Learning with projects to set up an U3A inside ANAP dedicate to new topics such as heritage and culture. 

During the event, Prof. Vellas spoke on AIUTA international education cooperation with next AIUTA Byblos international conference on and on senior study tours with next WSTC 2020 in Yantai China.