Workshop on senior tourism in Italy

By invitation from Prof. Livio Zerbini and Prof Paulo Palumbo, the Director of WSTC Prof. Francois Vellas participated in the conferment of the Traiano Premio at the Guistino Fortunato University.

Prof François Vella spoke on AIUTA as a worldwide network of U3As and on Benevento and Italian U3As participation to next WSTC 2020 on senior study tours. Italian U3As will present examples based on archaeology and life long learning study tours in Europe in connection with the New Silk Road project of the Chinese government.

Naples area is one of the most famous destinations in the world for heritage sites of seniors. It will be part of new AIUTA international cooperation between U3As on life long learning and archaeology as it will be discussed next October at the AIUTA Governing Board meeting in Byblos, Lebanon.