Exponential growth

Senior tourism is growing exponentially in the world

Population ageing, coupled with socio-economic changes, has led to exponential growth in senior tourism, also called “silver tourism”.

Although this type of tourism is growing  fast, the tourism industry does not always meet its specific demands. For example, senior tourists often want to travel within the same age group, and they tend to value health tourism as well as tours requiring less physical intensity than regular tours.

Key figures on population ageing

The current population ageing is a demographic phenomenon without precedent in the history of humankind. The aged population is currently at its highest level in human history and will continue to grow at an accelerated pace in the coming decades. This phenomenon, due to declining fertility rates and increasing life expectancy is particularly widespread in the developed countries and in China. It has far reaching consequences which are reshaping the tourism industry as we know it.

12 % of the world population will be over 65 by 2030.

1 billion people in the world will be over 65 by 2030.

The life expectancy to be reached by 2030 is 72 years old.