8 Days Study Tour of Chinese History Culture and Yantai Jiaodong Folklore Culture

Time: May 20th – May 27th, 2019, with 8 days and 2 cities in total.

Beijing and Yantai are the representative cities of inland culture and marine culture in northern China. There are distinct differences in art, architecture, customs, diet, and human personality. To experience differences in different regions through Chinese history and culture and to understand the regional distinctions of Chinese culture will be the theme of this study tour.

In Beijing you will explore royal culture through high quality lectures, visits to royal architecture, and interactive experiences.

In Yantai you will explore Jiaodong history and folklore culture through lectures, see impressive architecture, participate in engaging interactive experiences. You will also participate in the World Senior Tourism congress.

In the brochure you will find detailed information about the study tour – its topic, schedule, prices.  Download / open brochure in PDF 

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